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 [Fixed] a Bug and some of my thoughts

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Captain J

PostSubject: [Fixed] a Bug and some of my thoughts   Mon Aug 01, 2016 12:25 am

Ey, Cap'n J here and you told me to post some bugs in this forum so i did it. Hope it worked.

Anyway the bug i'm talking about is when you hold down the fire button while firing the rocket launcher, the ignition doesn't follows the animation. It's just stuck inside of a barrel until i stop firing, like this;

My Gzdoom version is GZDOOM g2.2pre-1905-gc0b8627 and D4D version is v1.01.2.

Oh, also about my thoughts, many thanks to TheFailgunner, i've got some to tell you;

- Some of the weapon has one-liners, Like rocket launcher and chainsaw. But others doesn't have it at all. Intentional? Because i'd like to see all of the weapons with one-liners! Since they has it!

- About the chaingun turret mod icon at the upgrade menu, yeah. It sure need to me make more sense. I know it's actually a turret tripod, but i thought it was actually a iron sight when i saw it first.

- If you guys have some time to spare, would be neat if you guys can improve the voxel models! Especially the weapons' sides on the center, Not the both sides.

So that's about it. And say, am i the only one who is using this thread? I hope not!
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PostSubject: Re: [Fixed] a Bug and some of my thoughts   Mon Aug 01, 2016 3:20 am

Thanks for the post!

The RL bug has been adressed and the new patch fixes it already.

About the other points:
-Weapon one liners. Yeah, it's a bit inconsistent. Any suggestions on what to use? My humor is not the best in this cases, much less since english is not my native language.

-Chaingun turret icon: Will look into it, but since it already has the text on the top, it's not a big issue. Might have to figure out something to fit in the few pixels allowed for the voxel so that it doesnt clash with the voxel resolution of the rest.

-About weapon voxels: sorry mate, you totaly lost me there. Weapon sides center?


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[Fixed] a Bug and some of my thoughts
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