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 General Forum Rules

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Major Cooke

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PostSubject: General Forum Rules   Tue Aug 17, 2010 11:55 am

Forum general rules:

  • Flaming posts will grant you warnings or banning, depending on the severity of the post.
  • Posting your opinion is OK. Flaming people for having different opinions is not.
  • If your thread is closed, do not make another one of the exact same topic and contents. It was closed for a reason.
  • User signatures should be small, and if it will include images, those should be small too, or contained within spoiler tags. Signatures that do not comply with this rule, will be edited by the staff. If the issue persists, the user will start receiving warnings.
  • Unless the size of pictures being posted is 640x480 or smaller, please place them in a spoiler tag or as links to view offsite directly to the image (they will show the extension like .png after the hyperlink). This helps the forum load faster and not risk freezing up browsers or stretching posts to ridiculous lengths.
  • Try to speak some fluent English. Most of our forum goers are from around the world. Not everyone understands some of my country's rotten 'sh1t-sp33k' that needs to die in a fire. Neither does everyone understand all acronyms.

Discussing AEoD content rules:

Please do not post anything related towards cheating that would indicate the following:

  • Gaining weapons unnaturally (through cheats) by any means
  • Modifying the game content
  • Trying to invent way of cheating without breaking stuff.

Follow these and you'll find we're a hell of a lot easier to get along with.

Also, we don't care if you do like the mod or not, you're more than welcome to be here. We have the same forum etiquette as Zdoom's forums, so you've been warned.

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PostSubject: Re: General Forum Rules   Sun Dec 25, 2011 4:50 am

First post was updated. Might want to check the information added about the signatures.


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Major Cooke

Posts : 5098
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PostSubject: Re: General Forum Rules   Wed Feb 01, 2012 11:22 am

Updated the first post. I've added a new rule about image posting.

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PostSubject: Re: General Forum Rules   

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General Forum Rules
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