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 Achievements: Make your own!

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PostSubject: Re: Achievements: Make your own!   Thu Oct 06, 2011 9:03 am

A really awesome topic, I must say.
Here's a few from me:

........weapon sets
Caleb's Successor: hold all Blood- and Blood2-related weapons in your inventory
Some Strong Wizardry: hold Nova and Apocalypse in your inventory
Magicka: learn all spells in a single session

........weapon slots
Bomberman: have encountered all slot 1 weapons
A Dangerous Man: have encountered all slot 2 weapons
Still Kicking: have encountered all slot 3 weapons
Bring Them On: have encountered all slot 4 weapons
Slightly Broiled: have encountered all slot 5 weapons
Bomberman+: have encountered all slot 6 weapons
Well Done: have encountered all slot 7 weapons
Extra Crispy: have encountered all slot 8 weapons
Extermination Warrior: have encountered all slot 9 weapons
Ultimate Final Absolute Doom: have encountered all slot 0 weapons
Go report this now weirdo!: have encountered a single weapon of other slot (I've seen "slot 16 full" messages sometimes back in the old days.) sets
Faces of Death: have killed at least one blue, red and black Lich
Dark Ranger: have killed all dark versions of Quake monsters at least once
Doomguy-64: have killed all Doom64-based monsters at least once
Stronger Than Masters: have killed all Hexen-based "player bosses" at least once
Fellow Frags: have killed at least one evil doomguy of each class
Apocalypse Overlord: have killed all four apocalypse riders
Nile---mirrored below behavior
Spiteful Shadows: lure Nightmares into infighting
Super Chunky Salsa Now With 1 kg More Gears!: make one Hellbore destroy another
Civil War: 100th friendly monster dying during the level
Arctic Monkeys---mirrored below
The Smiths---mirrored below

........player tricks
Posture Proud: stand on dead Thoth to prevent his Alien from coming out
Rocket Jump Sharp: gain great ZVelocity immediately after Redeemer blast without dying
Peacemaker: not kill a single civilian
Peacemaker Plus: not let die a single civilian (from any cause)
Slayer---mirrored below
Slayer Plus---mirrored below
Cloudkicker---mirrored below

Cold-Blooded Killer: kill 100 enemies with Ice Shield
Cold-Hearted Survivor: ignore 5000 fire damage with Ice Shield
Time Bandit: deal 5000 damage in Time Freeze
Pacifist Run: not fire once in Time Freeze
Safety is Important: hold 10 radiation shielding suits
Descent Tactics: max out red and gold mines
Right Moment: use anti-chickenator in the tic before being transformed to chicken
Overzealous Collector: have more than 25 items (apart from medikits) stripped from you on level change
Hard Gambling: roll out all six variants of 1 dice
Insane Gambling: roll out all twelve variants of 2 dices
Impossible Gambling: roll out all eighteen variants of 3 dices
Charts and Maps---mirrored below
As I Lay Dying: killing last enemies on level after own death
August Burns Red: kill Eidolon only using fire weapons
Iron Maiden: have Iron Maiden (either rocket or tesla) suicide
Necrophagist: resurrect 13 corpses and destroy them yourself
Gentle Giant: summon a Heresiarch helper who doesn't attack once before disappearance
Dream Theater: switch 5 weapons in 10 seconds and deal non-zero damage with each one
Nine Inch Nails: spend 1337 nails without switching away from nail-consuming weapons
BEAK>: kill three monsters while staying morphed
Fear Before the March of Flames: within 10 seconds after the Enlightenment staff's alt-fire blast, have 10 enemies die of other enemies burning around
iwrestledabearonce: kill Dark Shambler using only melee weapons
Evanescence: make Inquisitor (cyberdemon) disintegrate 10 enemies in infighting
Evil Horde: wake 1000+ monsters simultaneously
Massive Attack: be simultaneously hit by 10 separate damagers (that is, hitscans, railguns, projectiles and explosions)
Zyklon: use gas-grenades to kill all monsters in a level, but no less than 100
Decapitated: decapitate three axe zombies in 1 second
Decapitated Plus: decapitate three Set minions in 5 seconds
Decapitated Sharp: decapitate three Sets (cyberdemon) in 15 seconds
Small World: die from reflected railgun alternative bolt
Machinae Supremacy: finish game without using magic weapon once
Nile: kill every Powerslave/Exhumed monster, including Jon
Abominable Putridity: deal 10000 damage with single Wormwood arbalest bolt (either primary or secondary)
Arctic Monkeys: lure Yakman and ape monkey into infighting
Electric Wizard: kill 50 monsters with Nova in a row without releasing primary fire button
Lifelover: exchange (spend and restore) 5000 health in 10 seconds
Nirvana: finish a level without firing once AND WITHOUT BOTH RUNNING AND STOPPING (only constantly walking around) (an extreme case of pacifism)
Overkill: kill five cyber/spider-class monsters within one second (infighting may be used to lower their health, but it must be you dealing the ultimate blow)
Explosions in the Sky: kill 10 flying monsters with grenade(-s) in 1 second (SBC ironballs count as grenades, too)
Slayer: never leave a single civilian alive
Slayer Plus: kill all civilians yourself
The Smiths: make one Hellsmith (or Ronwe) kill another
Charts and Maps: find every automap/scanner powerup in the wad with no less than 15 maps
Cloudkicker: fall from 10000 units
Nevermore: spend 1000 red mana with Raven staff (not necessarily in single session)
Violence Paints the Sky: kill 100 flying non-Lost-Soul-class monsters in two minutes
Unexpect: die without killing a single enemy
Unexpect Plus: die during the first five seconds of level
Unexpect Sharp: die during the first second of level
Obscura: not exchange a single damage point with Oscuro on the map

* * *

I'm loving the idea of achievements so much more and more with every achievement that comes to my mind. If I were in your shoes, I'd certainly put a lot of thought into implementing it... if it's possible at all (without absolutely messing up everything). (But I guess you have already thought about it a lot anyway.)

In case you didn't notice, I am constantly adding to this list Wink
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PostSubject: Re: Achievements: Make your own!   Sat Dec 10, 2011 11:46 pm

*You da man dawg! - Spend an important part of your natural life attempting to kill this almost invincible annoying ass monster

*"I live... Again" - Kill Caleb at least 10 times in the hardest difficulty level.

*King Diamond - Kill over 9000 enemies with the Ice cannon

*Nyan Caco - Slay 100 Cacos (Any type) before they fire a single fireball/minion.

*Head Hunter - Summon at least 500 monsters with the red summoner gun in slot 4 (can't remember name)
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Baron of Hell
Baron of Hell

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PostSubject: Re: Achievements: Make your own!   Sun Dec 11, 2011 1:56 pm

Here are some of mine. Will add more when I think of some.

I’m your friend: Charm a weaker Caleb and keep him alive through the level

Back to the Grave: Kill a Lil-Caleb, weaker Caleb and Caleb in one play through

Piece of Mind: Kill the Nihilanth by shooting only his head

The Number of the Beast: Get a triple six with the Diabolical Dice

Scrapfest: Kill each of the four golems (stone, crystal, bronze and iron) in one play through

Necromancer Incarnate: Acquire all spells in the Necronomicon and use each of them at least once on an enemy

Not dead yet!: Play a level with less than 20 health and less than five armor on Ultra-Violence or Nightmare.

Doesn’t even hurt!: Play a level with less than 10 health and zero armor on Ultra-Violence or Nightmare.

Merely a flesh wound: Survive a map on Ultra-Violence or Nightmare with just one health point

How did that happen?!: Get killed by a Zombieman class monster.

There can be only one: Kill every Playerclone in one play through.

Bitter Irony: Kill two Quake Ogres and four chainsaw zombies with a chainsaw of your own in one play through

Redemption is yours: Acquire the Redeemer and use it to kill all Spiderdemon and Cyberdemon class monsters you encounter from that point forward (kill at least one of each)

Retaliatory Strike: After he has shot a nuke, kill Lo Wang with a nuke of your own.

Bitter Brawl: Cause two enemies of the same species fight each other

Ten birds with one stone: Kill ten enemies with a single shot (Jackbomb excluded)

Line ‘em up!: Kill 25 enemies in one shot

Destruction: Kill 50 enemies in one shot

Annihilation: Kill 100 in one shot

Aced it: Acquire 100% on kills, items, secrets and beat the par time on Ultra-Violence or Nightmare

Aces High: While using the air element to fly, kill 50 flying enemies in one playthrough

Bombs away!: Kill 500 enemies from above (doesn’t have to be from the air)

Spells & bombs: Kill 2500 enemies using Slot 1 weaponry

Up, close and personal: Kill 2500 enemies with Slot 2 weaponry

Softcore: Kill 2500 enemies using Slot 3 weaponry

Having fun?: Kill 2500 enemies with Slot 4 weaponry

Roughneck: Kill 2500 enemies with Slot 5 weaponry

Heavy Duty: Kill 3000 enemies with Slot 6 weaponry

Getting intense?: Kill 3000 enemies with Slot 7 weaponry

I got the power: Kill 3000 enemies with Slot 8 weaponry

Doomsday: Kill 5000 enemies with Slot 9 weaponry

The Ultimate Arsenal: Kill 10 000 enemies with Slot 0 weaponry

Rail’d: Kill ten enemies with one railgun shot

Snipin’s a good job, mate: Use the Sniper rifle and the AWP to kill 1000 enemies

Here, hold this: Use the alt-fire on zippo lightened dynamites to kill a self-resurrecting enemy the moment it resurrects itself

Killing Floor: Kill 100 enemies in a single room

Gone huntin’: Kill 5000 enemies with weapons using shells

Light makes right: Kill 5000 enemies with 9mm bullet weaponry

Let’s get heavy: Kill 5000 enemies with 12mm bullet weaponry

Light barrage: Kill 5000 enemies with grenade using weaponry

Barrage: Kill 5000 enemies with mini-rocket weaponry

Barrage Redux: Kill 5000 enemies with rocket weaponry

Barrage Ultimate: Kill 5000 enemies with High-explosive rocket weaponry

Doesn’t get heavier: Kill 5000 enemies with .357 bullet weaponry

Must have energy: Kill 5000 enemies with energy cell weaponry

Fusion this: Kill 5000 enemies with plasma rod weaponry

Is something burning?: Kill 5000 enemies with gasoline tank weaponry

Apprentice: Kill 5000 enemies with blue mana consuming weaponry

Warrior: Kill 5000 enemies with green mana consuming weaponry

Master: Kill 5000 enemies with red mana consuming weaponry

Darkness becomes you: Kill 5000 enemies with dark mana consuming weaponry

Holiness redeemed: Kill 1000 enemies with holy mana using weaponry

Does it hurt when I pinch here?: Kill 5000 enemies with the Voodoo doll

Who needs ammo?: Kill 5000 enemies with melee weapons

Catch this!: Kill 5000 enemies with weapons using sticks of dynamite

From behind cover: Kill 1000 enemies without seeing them

Goddamn snipers: Get killed from a kilometer away

Where’s your master?: Kill the DBTServant without taking damage from him

Do you require protection?: With the Earth Symbol, survive 100 attacks that would otherwise kill you

Not even close: Activate the Pentagram of Protection the tic a killing blow would land on you

Master of the Seminary: Kill the Heresiarch before/without taking damage from it

True Fear: Get killed by a Nightmare

Judas Priest: Kill each of the Priest monsters in one play through

Nothing beats the original: Kill each of the original Doom monsters in one play through

Veni, vidi, vici: Beat any WAD under Ultra-Violence

Gravity? What’s that?: Accumulate 24 hours of flight time with the Air Symbol

Cold breeze: Kill a fire based monster using only an ice based weapon

Right back at you: Kill 500 enemies with deflected projectiles

Grim Reaper: Use the Scythe to kill all monsters in a level

Quietly and discreetly: Use the silenced Five-Sevens to kill an Arch-Vile class monster or higher

You’ve got another thing coming: After dying in the hands of a foe, quickload and gib the enemy that killed you

You will not be missed: Kill 250 Grenade Zombies with the rocket launcher

Eh, I love ya man, eh...: Kill 250 Rocket zombies with the grenade launcher

Between a hammer and an anvil: Cause a Spiderdemon and a Cyberdemon class monster to infight, then finish them off before they kill each other AND before you reach their damage thresholds

Domination: Kill 30 enemies in a single Hammer Time!

Burning victory: Survive the “uh oh…” encounter of the Diabolical Dice

Avenged: After dying, a charmed monster or a Diabolical Dice spawned ally kills your slayer

Paint the town red: Gib every monster in a level (excluding boss monsters and monsters that can’t be gibbed)

Liquefied Reality: Gib every monster for the remainder of a game after acquiring an explosive weapon (again, excluding boss monsters and monsters that can’t be gibbed)

Shadow of the Serpent Riders: Kill D’Sparil, Korax and Eidolon in one play through

Hexenmeister: Kill all Hexen monsters at least once in one play through

A true Heretic: Pick Corvus’ skin and then kill every Heretic monster at least once in one play through

Oh, are you in for it now: Alert every monster in a level at once

From here to eternity: Finish a level using only Slot 9 and Slot 0 weapons

Jawbreaker: Finish a mega-WAD with 100% kills, at least 95% items and 100% secrets under 36 hours on Hurt me Plenty or higher

Medic?: Kill the Quake 2 Medic before it has a chance to revive anyone

Die another way: Kill a protected monster the second it comes out of protected state

Tailgunner: Use bullet (9mm, 12mm and/or .357) weaponry to kill 750 flying monsters while flying backwards using the Air Symbol

Where Eagles Dare: After getting launched to the air by an explosion, kill the monster that launched you at peak height

Feels good, man: After getting killed at least five times on the hands of the same enemy, quickload and finally manage to slay it

TNT, a dynamite: Use zippo dynamites, proximity mines and/or remote-controlled bombs only in a level

Back in Black: Use the Necromantic Bonestaff’s alt-fire to kill 100 enemies in one play through

Black plague possess thee: Kill the Lich and use his Darkfire Staff to kill 250 enemies in one play through

Are you a wizard?: Finish a level using only mana consuming weaponry

By Merlin’s beard!: Finish a mega-WAD using only mana consuming weaponry(melee weapons are an exception)

Never existed: Use the Dark-Matter Gun to annihilate 1000 enemies in one play through

Your personal army: Resurrect or charm 500 enemies and then have them kill 1000 enemies

NOT your personal army: Resurrect or charm 100 monsters, only to have them turn against you

Nothing to see here: With the Rune of Invisibility, avoid being seen by 50 monsters in a level

Good ol’ KFC: With the Anti-chickenator, tank 15 blows that would otherwise kill you, and take 50 attempts to turn you into a chicken

Alibi: Use Time Runes to avoid all enemies in a level

Look, no hands!: Use Red and Gold mines to kill 1500 enemies

Say hello to my little friend!: Summon the Heresiarch, and then have him kill 250 enemies (not by a single Heresiarch)

Wrath of Thor: With the Thunderstorm Rune, kill 2500 enemies

Iceman: Use Ice Shields to freeze 500 enemies in one play through

Iceman x 2: Use Ice Shields to freeze 5000 enemies

Absolutist: With Stones of Temperance, avoid 750 homing projectiles, 1500 ripper shots, 1000 points of blast damage and survive 15 blows that would otherwise kill you

Fear is an illusion: With the Fear Rune, kill 300 enemies that run away from you

My littlest friend: Use the Force Cube to kill 400 enemies in one play through

Spring of Mana: With Cups of Mana, never run out of mana in one play through

Lifeforce: Use Drain Runes to leech 2500 health points from enemies in one play through

Kick in the nuts: While using Fire Symbols, kill 5000 enemies that would otherwise survive the attack

Isis watches over me: With Water Symbols, heal a total of 1000 health in one play through

Valhalla can wait: With Stones of Restoration, heal 1000 health, repair 1000 armor and acquire 500 pieces of mana

Back in action: Use Life Urns to heal yourself when your health is below 50 a total of five times in one play through

Reinforcement: Use the Bracers to resupply your armor counter ten times when you already have armor

Phew, that was close: Use the Bracers to acquire armor and survive an attack that would’ve killed you without it


Mission complete: Finish the Knee Deep in the Dead episode of The Ultimate Doom under any difficulty

Beachhead: Finish the Shores of Hell episode of The Ultimate Doom under any difficulty
• Heap o’ rockets: Kill the Cyberdemon monster without taking damage

Hell ain’t a bad place: Finish the Inferno episode of The Ultimate Doom under any difficulty
• King of the Hill: Kill the Spider Mastermind monster without taking damage

By the Holy Book: Finish the Thy Flesh Consumed episode of The Ultimate Doom under any difficulty
• Messiah of the Hill: Kill the Spider Mastermind monster and all the other demons in the final area without taking any damage

Salvaged Earth: Finish Doom II under any difficulty
• Very simple indeed: Beat Dead Simple under the par time
• I like to watch: In Tricks & Traps, cause the Cyberdemon monster to kill at least five Baron of Hell monsters
• Portal in the cave that hurts: Locate the secret exit in Industrial Zone
• Flashback: Beat both secret levels, Wolfenstein and Grosse, and locate all secrets within them
• Wrestling, Demonic style: Cause the Spiderdemon monster and the Cyberdemon monster to infight in Gotcha!
• Dodger: Do not take any damage from barrel explosions in Barrels O’ Fun
• Hellish brawl: Cause the two Spiderdemon monsters in The Spirit World to infight
• You can’t stop me: Defeat the Cyberdemon monster in The Living End
• Catch me if you can: Avoid from the Cyberdemon monster in The Living End
• Enough is enough: Kill the final boss in Icon of Sin before he has spawned more than 20 enemies

Elysium: Beat The Plutonia Experiment under any difficulty
• Intense Reality: Do not die even once during one play through
• Where’s everyone?: Kill all monsters in Ghost Town
• Where’ve you hidden it?!: Kill the Cyberdmon monster in Baron’s Lair without taking any damage
• It’s a trap: Beat Caughtyard without, at any time, losing more than 75% of your base health
• Poachers: Kill every single Arch-Vile monster in Hunted
• Endangered Species: Avoid all Arch-Vile monsters in Hunted
• The Challenge awaits: Locate the secret exit in The Twilight
• And in this corner…: Defeat the Cyberdemon monsters in Cyberden without taking damage from any of them
• Let’s rock: Beat Go 2 it without dying once or quickloading once
• Satellite 15: While playing through The Final Frontier, play a song from Iron Maiden’s album of the same name
• Homer would be proud: Beat Odyssey of Noises under the par time
• Go to Hell: Kill the Cyberdemon monster guarding the Gatewatcher with a Slot 0 weapon

Evolution of Evil: Beat TNT Evilution under any difficulty
• Hidden Mystery: Locate all secrets in Wormhole
• Freight yard Fight: Kill the Spiderdemon monster with the help of resurrected demons
• Portal to a Holiday: Locate the secret exit in Dead Zone
• Tomb raider: Beat Pharaoh despite the glitches in the level design
• Pirate: Kill both the Cyberdemon monster and the Spiderdemon monster with the same weapon
• Run to the Mill: In the Mill, through infighting, take away at least 50% of the Cyberdemon monster’s health
• Bad vibe: Kill the Cyberdemon monster in Administration Center with the help of both resurrected and hostile monsters
• Administer the Truth: Locate all secrets in Administration Center
• Damned mountain: Kill every Lost Soul monster in Mount Pain
• Charon by me guide: Beat River Styx under par time
• Red Skull of Pain: Grab the Red Skull key before killing the Cyberdemon monster in Last Call
• Between a rock and a hard place: Kill the final boss in under five minutes in Last Call

As you see some are simple while others are more challening and some might seem impossible Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Achievements: Make your own!   

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Achievements: Make your own!
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