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 To what degree is there freedom to rip from?

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Baron of Hell
Baron of Hell

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PostSubject: To what degree is there freedom to rip from?   Fri Mar 11, 2011 7:11 pm

This is mostly a question for the sake of the public, though eventually down the line it may be relevant to myself as well.

How "free" are people to rip things from AeoD, with or without credits? Obviously people should be giving credit left and right for other peoples' hard work and code, but I guess the question would be, how free are people to rip at all?

Because, I mean, there's ripping to claim authorhood of something, and there's ripping because you're too lazy or untalented (Or out of practice? O.o) to create your own stuff for your own use.

The latter is where I come in, and hopefully other like-minded WAD authors. All that wonderful stuff, and no graphical talent to make your own weapons and such. I'll admit to adding alt-fires to the default Doom 2 weapons, sure. I'll admit to adjusting enemy hit points for my own speed gaming. But where is the line drawn in importing the incredible weapons from other games into your own?
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Major Cooke

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PostSubject: Re: To what degree is there freedom to rip from?   Sat Mar 12, 2011 8:02 am

This is something for DBT to speak his mind about, but I will say in 99% of the code there is credits partaining to a certain monster/weapon, so you'll be pretty much set to go if you take that with you.

However I need to make a disclaimer statement about Xaser's shotgun:

Do not rip the mephisto shotgun without his permission.

I just happened to be kind enough to ask Xaser randomly if I could borrow a weapon or so, specifically his shotgun and he did say he's rather glad I asked as he frowns upon his hard work being ripped like that. He expressed significant concern about his weapon being taken out of it, but I reassured him that I would inform everyone on release of v5 that his shotgun is in the hands of the AEoD developer who asked him for it, and I will be enforcing said statement above.

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PostSubject: Re: To what degree is there freedom to rip from?   Sat Mar 12, 2011 6:44 pm

People is free to rip whatever they want from AEoD, if they dare Razz

But really, there's nothing to stop them from doing that, and I'll feel flatered to see my stuff used somewhere else. I cant speak for the whole team though. At least from my side, there's no issue with that.

At the end of the day, if someone will do something worth with it, the more power to AEoD, because ever, since the very beginning, it was supossed to be some sort of resource wad. As it turned more and more complex, people started to have issues when trying to rip something from the mod, but for sure, Im not going to say "no, you cant use it", because really, nothing from this mod really belongs to us. Well, the code maybe, but all in all, it'd be too selfish. If it wasnt for the resoruces available, AEoD wouldnt exist at all.

The only exception (besides what Cooke already mentioned), is the DBT graphics and sounds. That's an AEoD only deal, and those do belong to me, so yeah. That's a "no".

But other than that, there's no issue.

Copying directly from AEoD, might look bad, in the sense that by doing that, there's no display of originality. But once again, we all start somewhere. For example, my non-public mod for quake4. It's completely using as base somebody else's mod, because I simple cant start from scratch. I must first have an idea how the modding process is, to then maybe start doing something from scratch by myself. I think we all learn very well with examples. So, say, you make you're own mod out of aeod, with a collection of weapons you like from it. Well, while it might not be the epitome of creativity, it does shows your interest and appreciation for other people's work. That's good enough to me.

Bottom line: there's no issue with ripping from our mod, as long as due credit is given. That's a part where AEoD failed from the begging and I wish I could fix it now by giving credit to all the sources, but some are simply stuff that Im unable to find where they came from.


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PostSubject: Re: To what degree is there freedom to rip from?   

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To what degree is there freedom to rip from?
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