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 AEoD 6.01 released

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PostSubject: AEoD 6.01 released   Mon Jan 09, 2012 1:18 am


AEoD 6.01 Patch
Released 01/08/12

A patch?

Well, there were a few things that were working a bit wrong, and also, a couple things that required some extra work. See changelog below.

[size=120]Download the AEoD v6.01 patch[/size]


v6.01 fixes
- V6's nightmare is now known as "Monster mayhem"
- Reworked menu graphics to be more readable
- Several projectiles not playing any sound
- Lichstaff recoil was being applied too late
- Leftovers of a weapon no longer in AEoD were still being dropped
- Blood Zombie was sometimes randomly spawning friendly critters
- Hellroot was not alerting monsters when fired
- Some weapons were not playing any "draw" sound.
- Fixed some compatibility issues with Scythe 2
- If player gets killed but changes to a new map, now you get again the starting weapons
 instead of entering the new map with empty hands.

v6.01 Additions
- New "Nightmare!" skill level.
- Shotgunner class monsters drop an special orb to give you a shotgun equivalent.


DBT AKA "Jesus the pimp" - Major Cooke
"02:37 p.m. - DBThanatos runs around like a little girl"
"Because now, all you see in AEoD was either ripped, processed and/or coded by the AEoD team (or direct contributions FOR AEoD). It might be a ripfest, but is OUR ripfest." -DBT about AEoD v6
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AEoD 6.01 released
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